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elka® Natural wood panel VITA

Premium panel for healthy building & living

The new low-emission vita Natural Wood Panel for healthy buidling and living in Spruce and Douglas

Today multi-layer solid wood panels must correspond diverse requirements, such as static properties, room air quality and the new national and European standards & directives. The Natural Wood Panel, as a multilayer solid wood panel, complies with the emission requirements of a furniture panel, as well as the static values of a construction panel and the environmental requirements of sustainability. Their outstanding durability and high strength.

The wood comes exclusively from our own controlled production & sustainably managed forests (PEFC). Upon customer request, vita can be delivered as PEFC and now also FSC certified. natural wood panels have exceow weight compared to other wood-based materials are impressive. Selected timbers in spruce and Douglas fir make the panels beautifully shaped unique pieces. The panel surface is perfected with high-quality natural knothole patches.

llent emission values. Using the special bonding, the panel achieves a minimal formaldehyde emission level under 0.03 ppm. It is far below the current E1 requirements with extremely low VOC levels.



Additional certificates VITA




esb Plus/ VITA