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Holzliebe - Primed | Solid Wood Panels

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Holzliebe - Primed


High-quality VITA priming involves the use of water-based acrylic with UV drying. As part of a modern production process, our natural wood boards undergo four colour coatings and two stages of intermediate sanding, followed by UV drying. The transparent white colour coating (RAL 9010) is 80μ on each side. This production process protects the natural wood board by preventing substances in the wood from bleeding through. The priming stage is a first coating and not the final finish. Wood defects, such as minor knotholes, resin pockets and piths, for example, can be visible and are not permitted. We recommend applying a final coating. The following instructions for use must be observed to do this:

Format: 2,52 x 0,78 m (19 mm)

Qualité: B/C



SWP2: Solid wood boards for indoor use as a load-bearing component in the humidity range and protected outer area


Clean, degrease and dust down the surface area thoroughly + Sand back the surface intensively with sandpaper (grit 120) or abrasive fleece (Scotch-Brite™).


To protect the environment when applying the coat, we recommend that you use a water-based covering lacquer, for example, Remmers Deckfarbe or Compact-PU-Lack.
Solvent-based colours can also be used e.g. alkyd resin or synthetic resin varnish. It is advisable to apply a test coat beforehand. The paint manufacturer‘s instructions for use must be
observed. For the protected outer area, for example, the underside of the roof - it is a good idea to cover the wooden edges with an end grain preservative before applying the coat. This creates a colourless, elastic and water-resistant film, and therefore protects the wood from moisture absorption (e.g. Remmers Induline SW-910).

Note: Wood or colour defects or damage must be reported before installation. Complaints made after the coat has been applied will not be accepted.



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