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About elka

The elka-Holzwerke GmbH is a medium, wood manufacturing company with over 115 years of wood-experience. As a family business in its fourth generation, we produce timber and panel products with around 220 employees at our location Morbach. Modern production technology, quality management across all product lines and our highly-qualified staff guarantee the high quality standard of all elka-branded products.

In close coordination with the wood-dealers and our customers, we are constantly working at new products and developments. So far, the esb panel (elka strong board) has been successfully introduced as well as the comprehensive range of lightweight wooden materials, thanks to their excellent technical properties on the market.

Sustainability is our program. For the selection of “elka-Gartenträume” - Terrace flooring, fencing and raised beds – we produce exclusively domestic woods. Throughout our production is guided by ecological principles. Raw woods are sourced from suppliers who are committed to sustainability principles of the Pan-European Forest Certification (PEFC).

Customers at home and abroad as well as the leading purchasing associations of the wood dealers appreciate the elka-diversity and fast service. Bundled purchases and a customer-oriented logistics with reliable adherence of delivery times are saving elka-customer’s time and money.

High productivity combined with a good cutting quality fulfill many customer demands. Our production side gives our customers the possibility to order timber by lists. Not only can we fulfill all customer demands concerning amount and dimensions, but also concerning types of wood (spruce, fir and douglas) and refinement. For both types of sawn timber the following refinements are possible: pressure impregnation, planing, drying and heat treatment



We have been producing high-quality particleboards in Morbach for over 50 years. Our wide product range (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6) is particularly interesting for retailers due to the specialization on particleboards with tongue and groove.


esb - elka strong board

A modern wooden material which makes you forget the conventional OSB-III board because of its look and good technical values. Many application advantages, availability and calculable in price. In 2015/2016 we have developed, for example, a timber acoustic panel in the fire protection class B1.


Natural wood panel VITA

The three-layer solid wood panels (natural wood panel VITA) out of spruce or Douglas fir are available in many thicknesses and qualities. For special applications of course also available with tongue and groove.

Wir, die Lud. Kuntz GmbH, elka-Holzwerke, sind ein mittelständisches Unternehmen in Rheinland-Pfalz mit ca. 230 Mitarbeitern und  3 Produktionsstandorten in 54497 Morbach, 55606 Kirn und 55487 Sohren. Der Verwaltungssitz befindet sich ebenfalls in Morbach.

Das umfangreiche Produktionsprogramm unterteilt sich in 2 Hauptsparten. Schnittholz mit den Produktionsstandorten in Morbach und Sohren sowie Holzwerkstoffe mit den Produktionsstandorten in Morbach und Kirn.





esb Plus/ VITA